Welcome to Provata Urban Larder & Cafe

Provata Urban Larder & Café is a Delicatessen, Provedore, Food Merchant with a small café twist serving fantastic tea & coffee from world class producers.


Provata remains a family run business, a community destination and passion to many.


Formed in early 2011, the idea of Provata started with a love of good food and a love of entertaining family and friends. Once we worked out the base, we simply added our passion and a desire to deliver a unique combination of great food, artisan products and fantastic coffee, tied it all together, found a sensational team of people, and opened.


Provata offers you, our customers, an in-store experience that is based around an extensive Delicatessen/Providore, supported by a creative food service offering to evoke your 'chef within'.

Inspired by great food, the social elements of todays lifestyle and our passion for entertaining, Provata is a true Larder of wonder and inspiration, a new take on the Continental Delicatessen, a destination store providing you with a unique selection of local, organic, seasonal and imagination capturing produce.

Every week we are adding new stock lines, improving on existings methods and categories, and developing a greater understanding of how to make your pantry and food experiences greater.


Whether its just our fantastic Allpress coffee that has you hooked, our extensive range of products, we look forward to continuing to build on the foundations and delivering on the experience that is Provata Urban Larder & Cafe.